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Welcome to the website of the Postgraduate Program (M.Sc.) “Cultural Informatics and Communication” of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication at the University of Aegean, Mytilene, Greece.

Τhe aim of this Postgraduate Program is the training of highly specialized scientists and researchers on the field of cultural data management and promotion using new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). At the beginning of the 21st century, the rapid development of Digital Technologies and Digital Culture - Digital Humanities has been the trigger for the formation of an ambience of intense reflection and meditation about the integration of disciplines related to information technologies with the broader field of cultural studies. This development contributed not only to the radical overthrow of established theoretical conceptions on society, culture and technology, but also to the final deconstruction of the traditional analytical boundaries between theoretical, scientific and applied disciplines. The outcome of the above was the formation of a new dynamic condition, combining the theoretical study and scientific research with a variety of media and methods of recording, documenting and presenting cultural data.

Our postgraduate program, which was established in September 2004, currently has three specializations:

1)     Museology

2)     Digital Cultural Products Design and

3)     Culture and the Production of Documentary Films

Our faculty members are well-known scholars selected for both their academic excellence and professional expertise as practitioners of the above mentioned fields.

I invite you to navigate to our website and track information about our operations, activities, academic programmes and administration structure. You can also contact us directly, personalizing your inquiries and we’ll be happy to help.

Gerasimos Pavlogeorgatos

Director of the Postgraduate Program

“Cultural Informatics and Communication”